All prints are archival inkjet pigment prints. Nava works in close collaboration with our friend Chris Cunningham. He runs one of the best fine art printing labs in the Midwest called Loupe. We carefully review files and test prints before sending out any orders.


Frame Package Materials

Photographs are sold framed (nail and hook included). A frame package refers to the components used to frame the artwork.  Nava's frame package meets high preservation standards. Volatile humidity levels and direct sunlight are to be avoided when deciding on the location to hang your print. Provided location of artwork is in a reasonable environment- the materials used in the Nava frame package will protect the artwork. 


Frame Moulding

We offer 5 aluminum and 2 wood frame moulding options. The profile/height for all of the moulding is approximately 1.25". The face (i.e. the moulding seen when the framed photograph is straight in front of you) is approximately .5".

Matte Black




Frosted Silver




Mount Board

We adhere the prints to a thick and rigid mount board. Our mounting technique and choice of mount board prevents waviness and buckling of the print. This particular brand of mount board uses a proprietary technology during construction that prevents acidic buildup in the frame package.



Nava uses only the finest paper stocks available- 100% cotton or pure alpha cellulose. Quality paper ensures the color and details of the photograph reach maximum potential. Inferior paper deteriorates over time and results in a sub-optimal print. Currently, all photographs are printed on Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta Satin paper.


Non-Glare and UV Protective Glazing

Glazing, the glass/acrylic in a frame package, is important for keeping air pollutants and UV light away from the print. Nava uses acrylic in all of our frame packages. Breakage risk is dramatically reduced when using acrylic compared to glass. Non-glare and UV protective glazing is standard on all Nava frame packages.


Standard production time is 7 business days. Expedited orders are accepted in exchange for a small fee.