Artist Submissions


Submissions are currently closed.

This is where you can submit a body of work to be considered for the next Nava collection. Jacquline Bates, Photography Director at The California Sunday Magazine, is the next guest curator! You will only hear from Nava in the case of the guest curator selecting your photographs to be included in the next collection.  Contact will be made no later than 3/29/2018.  Selected artists work out an agreement with Nava to sell the submitted photographs as limited edition prints on the Nava website until the prints are sold or a certain amount of time passes.  To be considered for the Jacqueline Bates Collection, put the following in a PDF document:

  1. First and last name
  2. Email address 
  3. Website URL (if you have one)
  4. One to three paragraphs describing the series of photographs being submitted or your photography practice in general (recommended, but not required)
  5. Between 1 and 25 images. Size and space the images appropriately

File submission does not transfer copyright of photographs to Nava, and Nava does not share images with anyone outside of selection process.  Submission of photographs does not mean Nava is entering into business with the person submitting the photographs.  There is no cost for submitting an application.

Please upload your single PDF file containing the five items listed above HERE


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